Breaking News: Toronto Baptist Seminary’s Collective IQ Has Just Dropped!!!

I received confirmation in the mail yesterday from Toronto Baptist Seminary that I have been accepted into their Master of Theology (ThM) program. I will be doing research in the field of church history with a emphasis in Baptist studies under the supervision of Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn under this esteemed church historian! I’m sure I will be providing updates on this blog of interesting information which I discover in my research. I am leaning strongly toward researching and writing my thesis about Hercules Collins (click here for a short biographical essay by Dr. Haykin). Hercules was an early English Baptist (17th Century) who served as pastor of the Wapping church in London during the late 1600’s. I will share more about Hercules in the days ahead. Many things about him serve to make him an interesting figure to research (at least to me). But one compelling feature that we should all agree upon is that he had a cool first name!


  1. Not to worry!

    Most seminaries’ collective IQs have been dropping lately.

    Trust me…you won’t make much difference.

    (I’m not sure that came out right. So we’ll just pray that all goes well for you there.)

  2. Wow! That’s great! Now…..just quit disparaging yourself-(just because you’re brother thinks you masquerade as “Stevie Weevie the Clown” is no reason to believe you really are one). :-)

    I’ll be in prayer for you as your further your education.

  3. Congratulations, Steve! I pray that it will be a profitable and highly edifying endeavor! Keep us posted!

  4. Thanks, Ian!

    I’ve been enjoying you blog for the last couple of months.

    Happy fishing!

  5. Thanks Steve, I look forward to meeting you sometime.
    I just sent a package in the mail containing primary sources of Hercules Collins — enjoy!

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