New Testament Survey Class

Last night I began teaching a New Testament Survey Class at the Seminary Extension Center located at the Sweetwater Baptist Association office. I have created this page to host the class syllabus and lecture outlines. Additional material will be added as the class continues. There will be a permanent link to this page in the left sidebar of my main page. In addition, the comments section of this post can serve as a place for discussion for students in this class if desired.

Seminary Extension Catalog (PDF)

Course Syllabus (PDF)


The New Testament: Its Background, and Message (2nd Edition) by Thomas Lea and David Alan Black, Broadman & Holman, 2003.

Introducing the New Testament by Joe Blair, Broadman & Holman, 1994.

Lecture Outlines:

Unit One: The Background of the New Testament

Unit Two: The Life of Jesus and the Gospels

Unit Three: A Harmonistic Study of the Four Gospels

Unit Four: The Growth of the Early Church in Acts




  1. This is good. I also teach in a neighboring association’s seminary extension. Right now I am teaching Hermeneutics.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Steve:

    I just took over the directorship of the SE in our association. I look forward to hearing how it all turns out for you.

  3. Hello Sir, I was wondering if I could get the answers to the above lessons on the NT survey class? I would greatly appreciate it as I am looking for some good material to teach a class at our Church. I would not use the material for monetary gain – just implement some of it into the class starting the 1st week of Dec. Thanks and God Bless, Eric

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