Heaven by Randy Alcorn

One of the books that I’m currently reading is this volume about heaven by Randy Alcorn. I’ve found it to be very good so far. It seems to provide a much needed corrective to the way most people (Christians and non-Christians alike) think about heaven. Key to this approach is Alcorn’s distinction between the intermediate heaven (where the souls of departed believers are now in the presence of God) and the eternal heaven (where we will dwell forever in our resurrected bodies). Have any of you read this book yet? If so, what did you think?

For more resources on this topic, check out Randy Alcorn’s Eternal Perspective Ministries website. Check specifically these links on heaven and eternity.


  1. I haven’t read it yet, but I found out about it this week and have been looking foward to purchasing it ever since. Glad to know you like it… that usually means it good :)

  2. I read most of this book, and I felt the first part was good. But somewhere past the middle, I stopped reading it for this reason: To me, Alcorn is too wrapped up in this world. He seems to be saying (I am paraphrasing), “Hey, you love Doritos? Then there will be Doritos in heaven. Do you love your dog? then your dog will be in heaven. Do you love sports? Then there’s no reason why you can’t have that in heaven too!” I feel like he trivializes heaven. By the time he finished portraying his version of heaven, I felt like I was envisioning Mayberry, USA, instead of the heaven described for us in the Scriptures. Instead of focusing the believer’s heart and eyes on the Lord Jesus as our great treasure, he seems to want to comfort us by telling us that everything on earth that we love will be in heaven (short of sin).

    It’s almost as if heaven and the Lord are not enough, but we Americans, in order to really desire heaven, have to have every earthly pleasure promised to us as well. Though those things may very well be there (Scripture is silent) I really am not drawn to such a heaven, personally. If you are interested in reading about heaven, I would instead recommend any book or essay written by the puritans on the subject of heaven. They draw the believer’s heart to heavenly joys, not earthly ones.

    Baseball may be in heaven, but it really doesn’t make me desire heaven more, or make heaven more beautiful to me if it is. And the Lord didn’t promise us these types of manmade things, either. It’s Him and the wedding supper of the Lamb and worship that the Lord expounds upon in His word. This to me is heaven.

  3. anoninva – well spoken. I know a lot of folks that insist on earthly pleasures being a part of heaven. I have a suspicion that my glorified body will not crave Doritos.

    I appreciate your insight.

  4. Heaven is not a place to play, it is the eternal GLORY OF GOD. We will glorify God in heaven which by the way is the reason we are here in this earth today.
    Chips and cheese eating, if it glorifies God, my be on the plate but one has to wonder if this is what our God requires of us.
    Dan Traxler
    Just another sinner in California

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