As I mentioned in the previous post, my dad, my son and I went to a Spring Training baseball game today at Vero Beach, FL. The game was between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. I attended this game upon the recommendation of fellow blogger Tim Ellsworth, and I’m glad I did. The ballpark was very intimate, about the same size as a college baseball field. We sat in section 25 along the left field foul line on the sixth row. We were within fifteen feet of the Dodgers‘ bullpen. A glove was a must in this section as any line drive foul ball would have been extremely dangerous! My son Haddon (age 6) went down to the first row to try and look pitiful between innings in the hopes of getting a baseball given to him by one of the Dodgers‘ players. He never got one, but during the seventh inning he received something possibly even better. New Dodger (and former Red Sox great) Nomar Garciaparra had left the game around the fifth inning and had run with a few other players in the outfield grass near the fence. As I started to call Haddon back to his seat, I noticed that Nomar had begun signing autographs along the left field seats. I didn’t think we had anything for Nomar to sign, until I looked down and saw the mini Dodger baseball helmets from which we had each eaten ice cream from earlier in the game. I took it and handed it to Haddon in hopes that Nomar would pass by and sign something for him. He continued making his way down the line and a large crowd of people gathered in the aisle, but Haddon was already in place at the front of the line and when Nomar passed by he signed the mini helmet for Haddon! If Nomar pulls things back together and finishes his career strong, it could make this day even more memorable in the future! By the way, Nomar was still signing autographs around the ballpark when we left. I appreciate the time he took today to sign!

Interestingly there were a large number of Red Sox fans at the game today. Many of them were really giving Nomar a hard time when he came up to bat for the Dodgers. I talked with some of the Red Sox fans sitting nearby and they said they were glad he was gone. But when Nomar started signing, they nearly broke their necks trying to get down to get his autograph and after they got it, they were as proud as they could be. As someone once said, “People are funnier than anybody!”


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day at Dodgertown. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to it.

  2. Steve,

    Enjoyed your account of your day at Dodgertown. I’ll be there the same day as Tim to see my beloved Cards. Any recommnedations on how to maximize the experience?

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