Update on the Bible Conference at Way of Life Baptist Church

Hey, not only am I preaching at this conference, I’m also liveblogging it! Tim Challies eat your heart out! Last night I preached from Romans 8:31-39 on “The Believer’s Security” (audio).

Brother Jimmy Strickland continued his series on “Biblical Chastisement” from Hebrews 12. This is a very helpful series in that it seeks to change one’s perspective on chastisement from a negative to a positive one!

All the preachers and my two oldest children (Haddon and Hannah) went to a Spring Training baseball game yesterday. It was between the Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins. When we left in the sixth inning the score was 21 to 1 in favor of the Marlins. The game was a comedy of errors on the part of the Nationals. Almost everything that can possibly happen in the course of a baseball game happened in this game, and not all of it was good!

Tomorrow, me, Haddon and my dad are going to Vero Beach to visit Dodgertown. I’m going at the recommendation of fellowblogger Tim Ellsworth. The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to play against the Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow. By all accounts this is the finest place to go and see a game in Florida. I’m looking forward to it. The Dodgers have used this facility since 1948, so if you can remember a Dodger great, they played there.

One comment

  1. Hope you enjoy the game. There’s no place like Dodgertown. Get there early if you can and walk around the practice facility.

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