It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I agree with Tim Ellsworth and Kim Riddlebarger, the beginning of baseball Spring Training marks the most wonderful time of the year! But while Tim and Kim are pulling for the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees respectively, I am a die-hard Braves fan and today pitchers and catchers have reported to the Braves spring training facility at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL (to read more click here). Although there have been many disappointments over the years, as C.S. Lewis pointed out in a much more serious context that pain is a part of the joy. I remain a Braves fan, not because they’ve won the division 14 straight times, but because they are closest team in proximity to my home and I have been a Braves fan for not 14, but 18 years! That means I was a Braves fan (listened to every single game on the radio) when they were losing 100+ games a year and finishing last in the National League West each year. My favorite player was Dale Murphy and I wept bitterly in my pillow late one night when it was reported at the close of one of the Braves games that he had been traded to the Phillies in 1990.

Anyway, enough about my emotional instability in regard to baseball. I love baseball in general and the Braves in particular. I am thankful that God has permitted this game to be invented and to be enjoyed. I don’t think there is any other game that equals baseball in its quality. I think that the popularity of sports like basketball and football over baseball represent a decline of all that is good and honorable. I cringe when I hear someone say that baseball is boring, because they obviously do not understand the complexities of the game that take place on every single play! I regret that football and basketball are attempting to eclipse baseball as the national sport, because I think it is a symptom both of our societies constant need to be entertained every single second and inability to slow down, think and relax.

I know many will be offended by my strong opinions about baseball. If you want to argue for your sports supremacy in the comments section, you may. I however will continue to believe that baseball is the greatest American sport, the national pastime and the game that I will pass down to my three sons!

Man, it felt good to get all that off my chest!


  1. Do you regard Abner Doubleday as a prophet? Are his writngs (baseball rulebook) inspired?

    Go Yanks! Any word yet on what the Rocket will be doing this year?

  2. Last word I heard on “The Rocket” is that there are four teams vying for his services. He is leaning toward the Astros, but cannot return to them till May because he didn’t sign with them during the appropriate time period. Other teams that are interested include the Rangers, Yankees and Red Sox. He may not pitch anywhere, however. I read a report that one of his mother’s dying wishes was for him to retire. Also, he doesn’t know if his legs are going to be strong enough to pitch this season. He plans on trying to pitch in the WBC, then evaluate whether or not his body can take the punishment of a MLB season.

    That’s all I know about that!

    Thanks for asking!

  3. I like to sit around counting the seconds during a baseball game when absolutely NOTHING is happening.

    Try it sometime.

    What a bore!

  4. As a good southern baptist, shouldn’t you boycott the Braves since their spring practice facility is at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL?

    * ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes *


  5. Here are a few rotten tomatoes for you:

    First, I’m not “a good southern baptist”. Second, the boycott has been rescinded. Third, no resolution passed by the SBC is binding on anyone anyway, it merely expresses the opinion of those gathered at a particular convention.

    Nice try though! Are you an Astros fan or something?

  6. I actually like the Yankees! They rule!

    yeah… ok.

    Actually, baseball is a fun sport to watch in person. I just can’t stand to watch it on TV. I still would have to rank football and college basketball ahead of baseball in my book…

    I guess that make me a really BAD baptist… is there any hope for me?

  7. It’s always nice to meet a fellow pastor who is also a Braves fan. This gives me even more confidence in your theology.

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