First Baptist Jax to Vote on Mac Brunson as New Pastor

Just days after Dr. Jerry Vines ended his twenty-three year tenure at First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL, Baptist Press is reporting that Mac Brunson of First Baptist Church, Dallas Texas will be voted on as the next pastor of the Jacksonville church. For the latest news stories on this breaking story click here.

For the official report from the pulpit committee of Jacksonville’s First Baptist Church, click here.


  1. Hmm…

    What does FBC Dallas think about this? I’m always amazed at mega church pastoral turnover. In the current system, do we now understand FBC Dallas as the feeder program for FBC Jax? I kid, I kid. Still, the question is probably a bit to close to the practice we’re seeing to be comfortable with.

  2. WOW! That does not make a lot of snese to me but I am not a pastor of either church. Do you know the size differece of membership?

    Also Have you reaqd Macarthur’s “Twelve Ordinary men” or “The book on leadership” just wondering my wife got me both and I just started on them and I knew you were a Macarthur fan as well.

  3. I think the churches are similar in size. They are two of the largest Southern Baptist Churches.

    I have both of those books you mentioned, but I haven’t read them yet. Let me know what you think about them.

  4. I love hearing Pastor Brunson preach. He is informed ,educated and the time he spends preparing a sermon shows very clearly. Love the passion of his subject.

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