Dr. Jerry Vines Last Sunday as Pastor of FBC, Jax

Dr. Jerry Vines, who has served the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL as pastor since 1982, will preach his last sermon as pastor this coming Sunday morning, January 29th. He has served as an excellent model of expository preaching throughout his ministry at FBC, Jacksonville, having preached series in each book of the Bible during his 20 plus years there. His book, Power in the Pulpit is an excellent textbook on the preparation and delivery of expository sermons. Dr. Vines plans to use his remaining years preaching in churches and conference, as well as writing a book defending the Genesis account of Creation.

  • You can read today’s Baptist Press story about Dr. Vines’ last Sunday by clicking here.
  • Another interesting story is this one by Jacksonville’s business and legal newspaper, The Daily Record. You can read their story by clicking here.
  • Finally, this story from the Florida Baptist Witness about Vine’s retirement announcement last year describes Vine’s post-pastorate plans. You can access this story by clicking here.

I would like to express my personal appreciation for Dr. Vines ministry and the impact that he has had on my ministry through his books and preaching!

UPDATE: Dr. Vines was featured on First Coast News this weekend. The story including the video segment that aired on the local news is available by clicking here.


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