Roadkill on the Information Super Highway

For this week’s “Roadkill on the Information Super Highway”, I decided to highlight a few blogs which I have recently added to my blogroll. These are: Wisdom of the Pages (creatively named), Tim Ellsworth (not so creatively named), and The Texas Baptist Underground (aptly named). Let me mention these three in more detail now so that you will be able to understand their respective worthiness to belong on my much coveted blogroll. Anyway, I recently run across these items and I thought you all should sample some of this good roadkill!

  • First, Scott Lamb hosts Wisdom of the Pages. Along with the aforementioned creative title, this blog is making a great contribution to the online discussion from a biblio- perspective (let the reader understand). His most recent post (as of today) is a post describing “a few outstanding aspects” of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Good stuff!
  • Second, Tim Ellsworth of the not so creatively named Tim Ellsworth (But then, who am I to talk?!?!). Tim is a columnist for BP Sports. So if you want sports from a Christian perspective (as opposed to the pagan worldview over at ESPN), check him out.
  • Last but not least, James Spurgeon offers a unique perspective from the inside of one branch of the Independent Baptist movement in The Texas Baptist Underground. Sometimes funny, but always sad, these posts will give you a small glimpe of what goes on in some Independent Baptist circles if you’ve never had the “privilege” of being apart of this illustrious non-group (By non-group I mean they claim to be Independent, therefore not a group.). If you have been a part of this movement at some point, Spurgeon’s commentary on this Texas version of the IFB will help put things in perspective and perhaps provide some much needed healing. James has been recently posting on the King James Only controversy. Very good analysis of popular views among IFB’ers.

Remember, be sure to spit out the bones! (No offence Scott, Tim and James! It’s just about the roadkill motif. Understand?)


  1. Thanks, Steve. I’ve been intending to add you to my blogroll as well. I have a couple of others that I’m going to highlight with yours, so I’ll get it done in the next few days.

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