Audio Sermons on Romans 8 Now Online

I am currently preaching through the book of Romans at West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City, TN. I just finished a sermon this past Sunday on Romans 9:14-23 titled “God Has A Free Will!” Slowly, but surely I am posting the audio of these sermons on our church’s sermonaudio website. Last night I put all the sermons for Romans 8 online. You can now choose to download an MP3 file or listen in streaming audio to each sermon from Romans 8. Below are the links to both the audio page and manuscript of the sermons from Romans 8:

  • “No Condemnation in Christ Jesus!” (Romans 8:1-4) Text / Audio
  • “Are You In the Flesh or In the Spirit?” (Romans 8:5-11) Text / Audio
  • “The Mortification of Sin” (Romans 8:12-14) Text / Audio
  • “The Spirit of Adoption” (Romans 8:12-17) Text / Audio
  • “The Redemption of the Body” (Romans 8:18-25) Text / Audio
  • “The Spirit of Intercession” (Romans 8:26-27) Text / Audio
  • “Five Golden Links That Cannot Be Broken” (Romans 8:28-30) Text / Audio
  • “The Believer’s Security” (Romans 8:31-39) Text / Audio

By the way, you can subscribe to a podcast that will allow you to download the latest sermons posted on our sermonaudio site. The link is in the left hand column under the button titled “Podcast.”


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