A Stroll Down Free Will Lane

It seems that in God’s providence everyone in the blogsphere (that matters) has exercised their free will in posting about free will!
  1. I posted my sermon from Sunday morning titled, “God Has a Free Will!” (An Exposition of Romans 9:14-29).
  2. Not to be outdone, my brother Jeremy (the Doxoblogist) continued his series on what Calvinism is not with a post titled, “Has Anyone Ever Believed Against Their Will?
  3. Not to be outdone, I posted a selection from a sermon posted by Phil Johnson in his Spurgeon Archive titled “Robinson Crusoe’s Text.”
  4. Pastor John Sampson of Monergism’s “Reformation Theology” blog posted an article titled “Understanding Free Will” that quotes from my sermon (see above, and below for that matter).

OK, so maybe everyone wasn’t posting on ‘free will’! It was just me, my brother and Pastor Sampson. By the way, the rest of you guys matter too!!! After all, you have a free will!


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