3 Exciting New Ways to Connect to this Blog!

Over the weekend I purchased three domain names from godaddy.com. The sites are pastorsteveweaver.com, pastorsteveweaver.org, and pastorsteveweaver.net. By entering any of these sites in your browser you will be redirected to this page: pastorsteveweaver.blogspot.com. This old address will still work, but the new addresses will make it easier for people to find this page. I also purchased a new domain name for our church. The church’s new address is: westbroadwaybaptist.com.



  1. Look at you going all legit. Good idea on the changes, makes everything much more simple.

    One thought: you might need to go back to Founders and Nine Marks and update the information about the church there so people can keep the easier to remember link in mind.

    You’ve probably already done it but I thought it was worth considering in case you hadn’t.

  2. Dear brothers Weaver,
    I wanted to drop you both a note to let you know that I listened to sermons by both of you yesterday. It pleases me beyond all telling to learn of two more young men in the SBC with a passion for orthodox Biblical Christianity. Keep up the good work, and never let Christ and Him crucified out of your cross hairs. Jeremy, especially you, even though you are not as polished as your brother, it was thrilling to hear Christ preached from Isaiah. I have subscribed to your podcast, and look forward to adding your messages to my weekly mix. I also enjoy both of your blog posts. They are solid and thought provoking.
    Only one criticism to which ever one of you has the ear of your sound man. Tell him to turn up the gain while recording so that it bounces between -6db and -3db. There is simply not enough volume in your recordings to out-shout the dull roar of my 450 horse Mac engine.

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