Wisdom from Andree Seu

One of my favorite columnists at World Magazine is Andree Seu (Imagine my shock when I discovered she was a woman.). Sure I like Veith and Olasky and I love it when Piper or Mohler are guest columnists. But Andree Seu has written some of the most thought provoking articles I’ve ever read (Click here for example.). In this week’s World magazine, Andree’s entire article is a listing of aphorisms “short sayings stating a general truth.” These are a series of sentences that have the ring of truth. Some are humorous, almost all convicting. Here are a few that jumped off the page at me:

  • A lot of what I thought was my personality was just sin.
  • People laugh at your unwholesome talk at the moment but think less of you afterwards.
  • I started out wanting to be my children’s savior, and ended up pleading for forgiveness.
  • An inferiority complex is a desire to be better than other people.
  • The best teaching moments are never at convenient times.
  • You’re one prayerless day away from being capable of any sin.
  • My kids have a foggy recollection of things I tried to teach them, and total recall of my phone conversations they overheard from the next room.
  • My kids have a rough recollection of my Christian propaganda but reproduce my attitudes with cloned precision.
  • Tell your child what delights you about him. He doesn’t know unless you tell him.
  • Your child is never angry for no reason.
  • Praising and thanking God all day long are the only cure I’ve found for depression.
  • Drop the dust rag and look at your child when he’s telling you a story.

To read the entire article click here. Do you have any of your own “aphorisms” that you would like to add? List them in the comments section.


  1. Andree Seu is one of my favorite non-fiction writers of all time. I’m delighted to see someone sharing their impressions of her effective writing! Thanks for the post!

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