1. I am certainly no physicist, but this reminds me of the “cold fusion” claims made not-so-many years ago. If, however, this holds up and quantum mechanics is “disproven,” it will mean a return to the Newtonian physics that have ruled out God in the minds of many people. Quantum physics, at least, gives credence to substance dualism and the existence of consciousness/mind as a fundamental fact of existence.

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on this just yet.

    But then again, according to the naturalism to which Newton’s followers gave birth, I’m nothing but a trousered ape anyway.

  2. Read several articles on this, and there is some volume of disagreement among scientists about it.

    Very interesting, though.

    BTW: It would have no effect on my faith whatever.

  3. Steve,

    What is “quatum” theory. I never knew it existed, let alone could be disproven.

    Sounds like I heard of a theory similar to “quatum,” but I can’t remember just what it is right now. Does quatum have somebody named Hesenhefenburger behind it?

    I’ll try to remember and get back with you.


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