Still in Florida

We’re still in Titusville, FL! I preached this morning at the church where my dad pastors (Way of Life Baptist Church) the same message which I preached last Sunday at the church where I pastor (West Broadway Baptist Church). A manuscript of this message was posted last Sunday on this blog. To access it, click here. We’re not sure how many will be in attendance tonight, but I’m planning on either teaching on the doctrine of the Trinity or preaching a message on “The Voice of the Lord” in storms from Psalm 29.

All of Florida’s east coast from Titusville south is under hurricane warning for tomorrow. North of Titusville is under a tropical storm warning for tomorrow. All the schools and goverment offices have already announced that they will be closed tomorrow. For up to date local information for Brevard county (the county we’re in) click here. The people here don’t seem to worried about this storm, but then again neither did the people in New Orleans.

The Ligonier Pastor’s Conference is still scheduled to begin tomorrow in Orlando. They are monitoring Hurricane Wilma but have no changes in the conference schedule as of this moment. My dad and I are still planning to attend, but we don’t know yet how bad the weather will be here. We may not be able to drive until later in the day. I’ll post an update on our condition sometime tomorrow (if possible). I hope I can live-blog the conference (I’m going to ask permission first.). This means I will provide a daily summary of the sesssions at the conference. Talk to you later!

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