Today from Florida

Today is my daughter Hannah’s 5th birthday!!! We celebrated with family at home last Friday while still in Tennessee. Today Nanna Jan had a birthday party for Hannah at the park with her Florida cousins (Christian and Conner). A good time was had by all.
Later back at mom and dad’s house, me and Haddon played a game of baseball in the yard. He won 2-1. He kept stiking me out with a fastball that went faster when he made himself mad.
Tonight we are going to the church my dad pastors in Titusville, FL. We’re looking forward to hearing him preach. I will be preaching in the Sunday morning service (pending Hurricane Wilma).

About Hurricane Wilma: We don’t know if it will hit here with all of its fury yet. It looks like it might break apart and slow down some before it gets here. We don’t know yet. I’m still planning on attending the Ligonier Pastor’s Conference next week.


  1. Tell your dad hello for me.

    Maybe you could go out into the city park during Wilma’s fury and preach on Psalm 29 to all the people who will be congregated there. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  2. Regarding hurricane Wilma: We are right in her path…or not.
    She is a category 5…or not. She is the most powerful storm to have ever formed…or not.

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