Oh Yes, I also teach at Crossroads Christian Academy

It seems I had forgotten to mention that I teach High School Bible and Jr. High U.S. History at Crossroads Christian Academy. CCA is a Christian homeschool cooperative in Lenoir City, TN that works in partnership with Christian families to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education from kindergarten through high school. This is my second year teaching at CCA and my oldest son, Haddon, is a 1st grade student. Anyway, for all those who thought this oversight on my part needed to be corrected, are you happy now? (I’m smiling on the inside.)


  1. Glad to hear of your involvement in Christian education.

    I started on school and was the Administrator of another.

    Loved it.

  2. So you teach and preach? Wow…. How long have you pastored your church you are at now and how many people are at your church

  3. Shawn,

    I’ve pastored West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City since Easter 2000 and we currently have 65 attenders for Sunday morning worship.

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