Bibliography for Studying the Lord’s Day/Sabbath Issue

This is the fourth and presumably final post in a series of four on the Sabbath/Lord’s Day issue. Below is a collection of resources for further study. Carson’s work is the most comprehensive by far.

Investigates the Biblical, Historical, and Theological evidence for the move from Sabbath worship to Lord’s Day worship comprised of articles written by scholars in their area of expertise.

A critique of the New Covenant Theology position on the Ten Commandments which seeks to establish the perpetuity of the Decalogue from an exegetical basis.

Written to show that the Lord’s Day is meant to be a day of joy and blessing for God’s people and to show the disastrous effects of the modern day Christian’s view of the Lord’s Day.

Affirms the Ten Commandments as God’s will concerning human conduct for all time since it reveals the beauty and majesty of God’s holiness.

  • Reisinger, John G. Tablets of Stone. Southbridge, MA: Crown Publications, Inc., 1989.

A New Covenant Theology view of the Ten Commandments as a part of the covenant document for the nation of Israel.


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