Encouragement for the Pastor-Theologian

If you are a pastor, you must also be a theologian. From time to time I need to be encouraged to continue pursuing a God-centered vision of all things. The following articles have been helpful to me in helping me to remain focused on the study of God.

I hope these articles are an encouragement to you. Tolle Lege! “Take Up and Read!”


  1. “If you are a pastor, you must also be a theologian.”

    If that is the case, what explains that there are so many who do not engage in real theology?

    There is so much spiritual pablum, pygmyism and “Christian Voodoo” coming from so many pulpits it is scary!

  2. I have taken up these articles! I look forward to reading them. They have been digitized and memorized. Well, not memorized, but it sounded good.

    Joe, I hope to avoid pygymyism in the pulpit! For me, it will take a lot of work. :)


  3. I pray for reformation in pastors all around. While I have found that to be the best thing to do another thing to do is encourage pastors and talk with them about theology. I try to meet with other friends in other churches, though sometimes the pastor have a hard time uniting together in a community it is important to make people think we aren’t sheep stealing, but just encouraging one another in the faith to keep seeking Christ. May pastors don’t have good mentors to look too, but the latest fad and aren’t seeking other ones anyway because of how busy they are. I think most of all we should love and encourage our pastors to have time to devote to scriptures. I pray for other churchs in town and it is important.

    I think all of us pastors and non-pastors consider Hebrews 5:11-14 have a good understanding of systematic theology. I think for many it is important for us to get rid of all of the big theological words for those who are afraid of theology, but still important to have a clear understanding of the scriptures. The London Baptist confession of faith is a great place to start for some people.

    Okay I’m blabbering a bit, but thank you Steve for your words as this is important to encourage pastor friends of our around our communities.

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